The Pied Piper – I

I met a woman with a limp
the Piper’s mistress
she claimed she was!
and before I could hush her lie
she started to speak
In her voice was a tune
I could not recall
it sounded like hope but smelled of decay…
Thus I sat down to a tale
which haunts me to this day

On a glass stained with color
in the Church of Hamelin
is a Piper dressed in pied
who played a song of Death
to children in costumes of rats

He lured them away dancing as if in trance
No one knows where the children went
to Koppen? Baltic? or the Holy Land!

Yet every one remembers the day
He walked in to the square
playing the pipe
in a garb of many colors

His songs, jingly and happy
rose and fell to match their steps
He squeezed music from the cobbled streets
“Look..” they said,
“even the darn mice listen to him!”

Now, two people noticed more

“This is a song of the dead,
I’ve heard the Witches giggle at night”
said the Caretaker of the burial grounds
so he went home and plugged his daughter’s ears
with corks made of Willow.

But the Mayor saw the mice that followed
“If into Weser, he can sing the rats in
I will be a Mayor remembered”
So with glee and cunning
he marched up to the Piper
and made an offer of half a payment

The Piper smiled at the deal
for it was a Fiend’s service
the Mayor had bargained

Then one early norning
a pipe was played
no one knows how it sounded
for the song was only for the mice
All they heard was pitter patter of tiny claws
in a hurry to where they were off!

And how they rejoiced that day!
no more will there be holes in their clothes
or the food nibbled
the cooks will not be startled
nor the children wake with bloody fingers!

The Piper waited for the gaiety to end
till the last drop of wine was drunk
and the table cleared
He waited with a gleam
they had made a deal
with half a payment!

It was a Sunday
and he wore Hunter green
when he walked to the Mayor
to close the deal…

Now the Mayor was a man of the world
“What a fool” he thought
surely he was smarter than a Piper!
Told his secretary
no more was he available
if the Pied Piper should come by
And off he went to church
for that’s what he did on sundays

This was a day all Hamelin will remember
a hundred years and more
For the Piper in his rage
played a song that spoke of freedom
an escape from reality
A world where Right was what you did
and there were no consequences of wrong…
One hundred and thirty children
heard this tune
and followed the Piper
never to be seen again.

The Sun’s last rays
fell through the scarlett glass…

“I followed my friends”
till shadows they became,
I never heard the Piper
so his Mistress I am”

said the woman with a limp
on the stained window.